Woody Black 4 is all but a standard jazz band. One bass-clarinet sounds warm, but it can sound quirky and aggressive as well. Whereas four bass-clarinets, pure, without any accompaniment, open up these characteristics into unprecedented spheres. This Vienna based quartet of black woods unfolds an exuberant playfulness, sounding out any stylistic and tonal options of such minimalist cast.
(Jazzahead! 2016)

They are winners of the European Jazz Contest and achieved 2nd place at the New York Jazz Competition 2017.

Austrian Music Export 2016 about Woody Black 4

Woody Black 4 are following a rather unusual musical path. The instrumentation, with four clarinets, is already out of the ordinary. The varied language of jazz serves as their foundation, but they combine that with distant musical lands, from New Music to Pop. But no matter the mix, the sound of this quartet always remains warm, mellow and pure. That doesn't mean it's always smooth, though. Woody Black 4 is best described as a collection of clarinet virtuosos that enjoy the experimental, flirt with the avant-garde, and sometimes wander into the dissonant.

CD Reviews

  • "I enjoyed listening to their music.... the sound is refreshing, the music creative, the playing terrific and fun to listen to."

    Eddie Daniels

  • „Vier Bassklarinetten, deren Klang mannigfaltige Aggregatzustände durchwandert. Vom groovigen Free- Bop alla Eric Dolphy bis hin zu abstrakten Klangschichtungen, von Swinganspielungen zu dissonanten Parallelakkorden. […] Sie weisen kompositorisch hohes Talent auf.“

    Andreas Felber

    Radio Ö1

  • "If you want a fresh outlook on ensemble sound, improvisational possibilities and compositional concepts, mixed with some fine playing - here it is! Woody Black 4 created a sound area that is completely their own."

    Wolfgang Puschnig

  • "Das Quartett verfügt über einen wunderschön warmen Sound, schwelgt aber bei aller lyrischen Disponiertheit keineswegs bloß im eigenen Wohlklang, sondern mutet seinen kammerjazzig groovenden Stücken auch kalkulierte Dissonanzen zu oder entfesselt diese zu stupender Perkussivität. Tolles Debüt!"

    Klaus Nüchtern


  • "Jazz on 1 bass clarinet is great, so can you imagine how it sounds with 4! A great and very well played CD by young guys from Spain, Austria and Italy. Congratulations Woody Black 4 and please go on!!!"

    Harry Sparnaay

  • "Hier knistert alles vor Spielfreude und Originalität, hier fühlt man sich sofort in allerbesten Händen. [...] Eine absolute Punktlandung."

    Magazin SKUG

Who are we

Daniel Moser

bassclarinet, composition

Leonhard Skorupa

bassclarinet, composition

Stephan Dickbauer

clarinet, composition

Oscar Antoli

clarinet, bassclarinet, composition



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